Dr. Paige McNulty, Gary Schools Manager

Dr. Paige McNulty is the Manager for the Gary Community School Corporation. While working alongside the state appointed emergency management team, MGT, Dr. McNulty’s is pushing to move the Gary schools back to a self-sustaining district. Dr. McNulty has a proven track record with raising the bar in school districts with similar challenges to GCSC. During her tenure at East Chicago School District, she was able to raise the academic grade from an “F” to a “C”.  

Dr. McNulty has created and sustained amazing partnerships with businesses and organizations in the region to bring more programming and support needed for our children.

Looking to expand the Career and Technical Education programming, Dr. McNulty is excited to support the vocational tracks that will prepare our students to have the option to start working straight out of high school. Increasing the pathways every year, it’s our belief that our students will have more opportunities and interest in their future. Investing in CTE’s that would start as early as 8th grade, our students will be exposed to endless possibilities.

As a parent of twin boys, Dr. McNulty believes in putting the needs of our kids first. Quoted in saying, “All parents want their kids to succeed. And it’s our job to help them achieve that.”

Dr. McNulty’s family is invested in the Gary community. Her husband, of almost 13 years, is a graduate of Gary Roosevelt and continues to have family enrolled in the district.

Dr. McNulty is here to drive successful, lasting academic, financial and operational improvements across the district and is elated to be a part of the progression of our scholars.