Future Broadcasters of America

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Future broadcast journalist can enroll in Broadcasting I and II at the Gary Career Center. Students that remain in the course for two years will earn a total of 6 high school credits. By taking two additional journalism credits at their local high school, they will have the opportunity to earn a Core 40 with Technical Honors Diploma.

Broadcasting I is the Radio Production Course. In this class, students will learn to write news for broadcasting, develop public service announcements, formulate questions for and conduct radio interviews, use audio equipment and software in addition to gaining exposure to the operations and management of a radio facility. In addition to learning the fundamentals of radio broadcasting, students will also acquire knowledge in the history and development of the industry.

Broadcasting II is the Advanced Radio and Television Production Course. This course is for second year seniors in the program. Students learn to produce television media, operate digital video cameras and computer software, as well as produce digital media for websites and internet broadcasting. Broadcasting writing skills are re-enforced as students produce talk shows, newscast, television spots, documentaries and music videos.

Students attend the Career Center half of their school day. The morning class is from 8 to 10:45 am, the afternoon class is 12:15 to 2:27 pm. Students attend their home schools the other half of the day.

The Broadcasting Training Program encourages two years of participation, after which students receive a certificates of completion.

The program objectives are designed to:

  1. Introduce students to the wide-ranging field of Radio and Television production and broadcasting;
  2. Train students in basic production and broadcasting technique for job-entry skills;
  3. Promote self-confidence, creativity, and proper attitude toward work and employment;
  4. Provide additional learning experiences during after-school broadcasts and on field assignments;
  5. Create work-study arrangements with local radio and television stations and production studios for student participation;
  6. Instill an appreciation of the communication arts and the constantly evolution of the electronic media industry;
  7. To enhance oral and written communication skills in general, applicable to any career pursuit

To enroll in the program, students can call 219-962-7571 or see their high school counselor to fill out a Gary Area Career Center application.