Middle Schools

Our eager children have a real thirst for learning and our excellent staff team are committed and dedicated in ensuring that each and every child achieves. We have high standards and expect the best.

We have addressed overcrowding at the Gary Middle School. Starting this fall, we will have 2 middle schools. The Gary Middle School will focus on fine arts. Meanwhile, we are branching out to convert Bailly into our second middle school where the curriculum will focus on STEM! We will ensure that educational opportunities are in place for students who want to engage in both STEM education and fine arts. The students who currently attend Bailly Elementary will go to Glen Park Academy.

The Gary Middle School

A dynamic educational experience that focuses on fine and performing arts.

Bailly Preparatory Academy

Bailly STEM focuses on “Developing Foundations.” In our rigorous math and science curricula, we emphasize the fundamentals and begin to bridge to a higher level of STEM thinking.