Our Mission Statement

Doing what is best for students today, tomorrow, everyday.

Vision Statement

The vision of the GCSC is to remain the premiere educational system providing an enriched academic and multi-cultural learning environment that prepares our students to pursue the accomplishment of life goals. GCSC fosters a high-quality education in a safe and orderly learning environment that ensures the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and values necessary to be productive and responsible citizens in a global, technological society.

What We Believe

  • Educating students is vital to the sustainability and growth of the community.
  • Educational excellence and opportunity require committed students, teachers, administrators, parents, and school board members.
  • Mutual respect and support is expected from teachers, staff, administrators and students.
  • Learning occurs best in a safe, orderly and secure environment.

Board Members

Serving as the link between the community and the administration, the role of the Board of School Trustees is that of policy making, appraisal and evaluation.

Office of Innovation and Improvement / Federal Grants and Programs

The Office of Innovation and Improvements ensures technical assistance and leadership in relation to programs and plans funded and/or mandated by state and federal governmental agencies so that student achievement will increase and requirements for funding guidelines are met.