Advisory Board

The Advisory Board holds its scheduled meetings once every three months at 6:00 p.m., the second Tuesday of the month at the Gary Area Career Center, 35th & King Drive, Gary, Indiana.

The Board encourages suggestions and comments on how educational excellence can be achieved. One of the best ways to stay informed and voice opinions is through attendance at the Advisory Board meetings.

The Board welcomes the participation of interested organizations and individuals. Any person attending a meeting may request to speak on an agenda or non-agenda item by completing the appropriate form prior to the opening of the meeting. The time allotted to speak shall not exceed three (3) minutes.

Did You Know?

You can listen to the GCSC Board Meetings On WGVE 88.7 FM!

Advisory Board Members

thumbnail_Picture - Buggs - 2017

Mr. Robert L Buggs Sr.

President, At-Large

(219) 484-8780


4002 Rhode Island Street

Gary, IN 46409

Akilia McCain-FF

Mrs. Akilia McCain

Member, 1st District

(219) 779-7758



Piggee photo

Mr. James M. Piggee

Member, 2nd District

(219) 256-1550


601 Taft Street

Gary, IN 46404

cougar_emblem (1)

Mrs. Lovetta Tindal

4th District

(219) 201-8931

1280 W 17th Ave

Gary, IN 46407


Member, 3rd District


Member, 5th District


Vice President, 6th District