GCSC Faculty Directory

Photo of Mary Anne Aaron Mary Anne Aaron Teacher-Fifth Grade
Photo of Rebecca Acevez Rebecca Acevez Teacher – Preschool
Photo of Georgia Ann Adamson Georgia Ann Adamson Teacher-Fifth Grade
Photo of Evelyn Adkins Evelyn Adkins P- para- phys. Ed.
Photo of Marchelle J. Akins Marchelle J. Akins Teacher- English
Photo of Saddam Al-Zubaidi Saddam Al-Zubaidi Graphic Arts
Photo of Marisa Alexander Marisa Alexander Teacher-Fourth Grade
Photo of Jonell Allen-Stephenson Jonell Allen-Stephenson Full Day Kndgrtn
Photo of Sheila L. Alnajjar Sheila L. Alnajjar Teacher-First Grade
Photo of Washington Alston Washington Alston Tse-Mimh
Photo of Annie L. Anderson Annie L. Anderson Eh Para
Photo of James A. Anderson James A. Anderson Wgve Announcer Day To Day
Photo of Kecia Anderson Kecia Anderson Teacher- English
Photo of Alexis Anderson-Harper Alexis Anderson-Harper Tse-Eh
Photo of Brian A. Andreshak Brian A. Andreshak Teacher-First Grade
Photo of Jennene A Anthony-Smith Jennene A Anthony-Smith Assistant Elementary Principal
Photo of David Appelman David Appelman Teacher-Music Instr.
Photo of Kandesse L. Armour Kandesse L. Armour Eh Para
Photo of Valerie Austin Valerie Austin P-Para Ps/Se
Photo of Denise L. Bacon Denise L. Bacon Tnc-Counselor