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GCSC Faculty Directory

Photo of Mary Anne Aaron Mary Anne Aaron Teacher-Fifth Grade
Photo of Rebecca Acevez Rebecca Acevez Teacher – Preschool
Photo of Georgia Ann Adamson Georgia Ann Adamson Teacher-Fifth Grade
Photo of Evelyn Adkins Evelyn Adkins P- para- phys. Ed.
Photo of Marchelle J. Akins Marchelle J. Akins Teacher- English
Photo of Marisa Alexander Marisa Alexander Teacher-Fourth Grade
Photo of Jonell Allen-Stephenson Jonell Allen-Stephenson Full Day Kndgrtn
Photo of Sheila L. Alnajjar Sheila L. Alnajjar Teacher-First Grade
Photo of Washington Alston Washington Alston Tse-Mimh
Photo of Annie L. Anderson Annie L. Anderson Eh Para
Photo of Kecia Anderson Kecia Anderson Teacher- English
Photo of Alexis Anderson-Harper Alexis Anderson-Harper Tse-Eh
Photo of Brian A. Andreshak Brian A. Andreshak Teacher-First Grade
Photo of Jennene A Anthony-Smith Jennene A Anthony-Smith Assistant Elementary Principal
Photo of David Appelman David Appelman Teacher-Music Instr.
Photo of Kandesse L. Armour Kandesse L. Armour Eh Para
Photo of Valerie Austin Valerie Austin P-Para Ps/Se
Photo of Denise L. Bacon Denise L. Bacon Tnc-Counselor
Photo of Mia Bailey Mia Bailey P-Para PS
Photo of Angela Baker-Brown Angela Baker-Brown Tnc-Soc. Worker