Bailly Preparatory School Faculty

Photo of Alexis Anderson-Harper Alexis Anderson-Harper Tse-Eh
Photo of Brian A. Andreshak Brian A. Andreshak Teacher-First Grade
Photo of Crystal Beeks Crystal Beeks Teacher-Fifth Grade
Photo of Craig Bridgeman Craig Bridgeman Teacher-Physical Ed
Photo of Charmaine Brown Charmaine Brown Crossing Guard
Photo of Terri Sherrod Campbell Terri Sherrod Campbell Tnc-Soc. Worker
Photo of Dianne Conley Dianne Conley Full Day Kndgrtn
Photo of Daria A. Depa Daria A. Depa Teacher-Music Choral
Photo of Jim Dilworth Jim Dilworth P- para- phys. Ed.
Photo of Donald Evans Donald Evans Resource Officer
Photo of Ralph Gonzalez Ralph Gonzalez Intervention Specialist
Photo of Lacrisha R Hartfield Lacrisha R Hartfield Full Day Kndgrtn
Photo of Katina Evette Ishman Katina Evette Ishman P-Para Ps
Photo of Mary Jackson Mary Jackson Lab Tutor
Photo of Lea M. Jimenez Lea M. Jimenez Teacher-Second Grade
Photo of Bianca Shawntay Jones Bianca Shawntay Jones Teacher-Fifth Grade
Photo of John Kachur John Kachur Intervention Specialist
Photo of Paulette Lafayette Paulette Lafayette Instructional 1 To 1
Photo of Jacqueline Mason Jacqueline Mason Teacher-Third Grade
Photo of Lebrelia McGee Lebrelia McGee Secretary IV
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