General FAQs

This page will be updated monthly with the questions and answers from community stakeholders.

We encourage you; as parents, community members, and staff to submit any questions you have here, info@garycsc.k12.in.us.

January 2021 - Submitted Questions

IUN Teaching Permit Questions

  1. Are you teaching or stressing culturally competence in lesson planning and teaching? 

Social and emotional training is now a part of professional development for all teachers both in the IUN program and regular teachers 

  1. Are subs available to take the program? 

Yes, it’s available for anyone who currently has a bachelor’s degree working under an emergency permit.  

The next phase of the program is to include those who have at least 60 credit hours (who have not completed the degree). As information becomes available for the expansion, we will share with the public.  

  1. How many teachers in the classroom aren’t certified at Gary Schools? 

We have about 50 instructors teaching under an emergency permit which is about the national average. We aim to lower that number with the ongoing teaching permit program with IUN.  

General questions

  1. Will West Side be returning to the building or only elementary and middle school? 

Elementary students have a choice of In-Person Traditional Learning (Monday- Friday) or to continue E Learning at Home 

Middle School students have a choice of Hybrid Learning (2 days at school and 3 days at home learning) 

High School students will continue learning at home at this time 

High School will continue to be on E-Learning. As we slowly open back up the buildings, we will inform all families of the scheduled return. 

  1. Will GCSC students get PEBT on 1/31/21? 

The funds are based on attendance for 1/31/21. GCSC students who have fulfilled the attendance requirements are included. 

  1. How can I find out about what’s playing on WGVE?

Visit http://wgve887fm.org/ for more information about the shows on WGVE.

  1. Who would I contact for info about an empty school? 

The information on schools that are still being sold by the district are listed on the garyschools.org website. Many of the vacated properties have been sold already. https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/property-sale/ 


  1. Class of ’96 looking into doing a community service project @ West Side, possibly at month’s end. Please inbox me post with any suggestions. Thanks in advance. 

The best route for this information would be through the building principal, Mr. Mahone. Contacting the West Side Facebook page or calling the school directly to get in contact with him. 


  1. Are we coming back on January 25th? 

The current scheduled return date is February 16th 

  1. Are children expected to be in full uniform on Monday the 19th when they return to school? 

Yes, students who will be returning to in school learning will be expected to wear a full uniform 

  1. My son’s computers are not turning on. One went out and he was using a backup. Now the other has went out. My other son’s camera is starting to act up. Is there a number, email or place that I can drop them off for repair or exchange them? 

Repairs and support can be resolved with help from our IT department. Please submit a help desk ticket at: https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/it-support-help-desk/

December 2020 - Submitted Questions

When is food pickup during the holiday break?  

The Food Distribution special schedule during the holiday break is available on our website at Garyschool.org and posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

Are you going to sign up for the P-EBT program for the Gary students since it been extended to Sept 2021?

If the Gary Community School Corporation is invited to participate, the District will submit the requested information.

When does school resume for Gary Community School? 

Monday, January 4, 2021

Are the Gary School Corporation elementary schools currently in-person or are they doing e-learning?

Currently, the elementary students are e-learning. The District is currently surveying families on in-class learning for January 2021.

Is there is a charge to repair my son’s Chromebook.

There is no charge to repair your child’s Chromebook. If continuous repairs are needed, then it may need to be replaced. Please enter an IT ticket online at GarySchools.org under the IT tab or call for assistance.  https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/it-support-help-desk/


November 2020 - Submitted Questions

Hello. I stay in Park Shore Commons Is there NO. bus for. food. today? 

The food distribution schedule has recently changed. Please visit our website for the times, locations and dates. https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/food-services/ 


Did they issue out p-EBTcards for Gary Middle School? 

Not at this time. The State of Indiana makes the determination of EBT distribution. We have submitted the contact information for our district and await a response as to whether Gary schools will be included in the 2nd round.  

I have 3 school age children under the age of 18. I don’t have transportation available to me is there a way I can have a drop off for the food distribution? 

We are unable to drop off food to individuals but we have recently made changes to the routes, days and locations. Please visit our website to see if any of our added sites are more accessible to you. https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/food-services/ 


When is the basketball season begin? 

The full schedule is available on our website in the athletics section. Subject to change. https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/athletics/ 


My son’s laptop won’t cut on.  

Please submit a help desk ticket: https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/it-support-help-desk/ 


I wasn’t able to pick up my diploma, I am a 2020 graduate. I was in Georgia for the past 4 months. I was wondering how I’d be able to get it. 

Please contact the main office at WSLA and they will be able to assist you. (219)413-9870  or message the WSLA Facebook page.  

Hello, I wanted to inquire on how to get a yearbook. My high school has been closed for a while, I lost my yearbook and would like to replace it.


Thanks for your inquiry. With the school being closed, you will need to contact the yearbook company directly for any reprint requests. Thanks again.


Did not see info on Gary Roosevelt High School proposals. Please send again.

Good morning and thank you for your inquiry. Yes, several proposals have been received in response to the RFI for the Roosevelt building. The proposals are currently under evaluation. More information will be shared once any selections of projects/proposals are made. Please continue to check out website and social media for announcements.


Is there a charge to repair my son’s Chromebook?

There is not a fee for the repair of the Chromebook. If continuous repairs are needed, then it may need to be replaced. Please contact our IT Helpdesk for assistance. https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/it-support-help-desk/


I am an engineer working with the Gary Sanitary District on a project in Gary and I was wondering are the Gary School Corporation elementary schools currently in-person or are they doing e-learning? We are wanting to understand if there are currently students/staff in the building, specifically at Beveridge Elementary school.

The Gary Schools are in an e-learning environment with teachers and staff working remotely.

October 2020 - Submitted Questions


Where can I find the GCSC 2021 budget?


Budget Materials can be found on the GCSC website under Administration-Business Services or also at: https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/business-services/



In the 2019 actual expenditures what is the unspecific vendor paid approximately $1,000,000?


This specific transaction is recording a transfer of funds on the books through a journal entry between accounts not related to a specific vendor. This is a typical accounting transaction during the year made in the payroll clearing account to record journal entries.



Why were plumbing expenses so high in 2019?


Plumbing expense in 2019 included significant emergency work at the Roosevelt building when the pipes burst during the Polar Vortex.



Why were payments made to Diane Schweitzer in 2019 and why was she paid twice?


Diane Schweitzer was a contractor to GCSC to augment the Buildings and Ground department by managing property bids and sales, identifying unused items for auction if applicable, and identifying energy savings projects and initiatives. The expense for her services was funded through energy cost savings and sales of unused assets. 


She was not paid twice. Accounting personnel sometimes entered payments as Diane Schweitzer and other times as Sweitzer Diane.



Why did MGT enter into leases for GCSC for $34 million in 2019?


GCSC or MGT did not enter into leases in 2019 or any time since August 2017. The “leases” reported on the IDOE Annual Financial Report are part of the long term debt number that has been regularly reported for many years. Below are the two “leases”, which can be found on Gateway at https://gateway.ifionline.org/report_builder/:


These long term debt bonds are structured on lease payments made based on an amortization schedule provided in the bond documents. This specific type of debt was structured for lease payments.

Debt Name:  
Ad Valorem Property Tax First Mortgage Refunding Bonds, Series 2012

Debt Status:  Outstanding

Type of Indebtedness:  Lease

Base CUSIP Number:  

Debt Name:  Ad Valorem Property Tax First Mortgage Refunding Bonds Series 2020B

Debt Status:  Outstanding

Type of Indebtedness:  Lease

Base CUSIP Number:  366754


Why does a vendor from Gary paid in 2019 list a home address for receipt of payments?


GCSC does not manage any vendors billing or bookkeeping processes. The address used for correspondence by a vendor is that vendors preference and is not determined by GCSC.




What is the average spend rate per pupil for the Gary Public Schools?

The total amount spent per student for the fiscal year 2019 was $11,099.43. The full details are available on the Indiana Department of Education website. 


I was wondering how to go about purchasing a school or finding out how much it would be, and could it be turned into a residential? (specifically the old Franklin school)

The former Benjamin Franklin school was sold to the City of Gary in 2019.


Will the members be mostly political people?   So how will the committee members be selected? 

The referendum oversight committee will be a cross-section of the Gary community. We hope the committee includes local officials, parents, students, parents and caregivers, business owners, and retirees.

Community members who are interested in serving on the committee will have the opportunity to provide information about themselves, their interest in serving, their connection to GCSC, and what they may bring to the committee, the district, and the community. Information on how to provide this information will be shared after the election.


When should we be getting the p ebt?

Why isn’t any of the Gary Community school Copt schools on the list to receive PEBT this round?


The district received funds from the first wave distributed for food assistance. The funds that recently were sent out were for districts that did not receive funding the first time around. If we get notifications of additional funds, we will notify our families.


Hello. How do we apply to be on the oversight group for how the referendum money is spent?

The information will be posted on our website over the next few weeks. Probably not until the Referendum is passed but if you please send your interest to info@garycsc.k12.in.us we will be able to send you that information once its available


All of the surrounding areas (lake station, Merrillville, portage) are opening schools back up. Why is Gary still delayed?? Working parents are already having a hard time

We apologize for the delay. The health and safety of our students, teachers and staff is our top priority and factored into every decision.  Our district is the only one in the region that has a local health commissioner. We have to follow the guidance of our city health commissioner while the surrounding districts only have to follow the guidance of the county. As soon as our local health commissioner gives us the ok (which is based solely off of Gary’s COVID numbers) we will have a plan to safely bring back out students.


Why must our community and students accept old reconstructed buildings that have inadequate everything. The new plan is substandard and the board should be ashamed of themselves. I have a grandchild in one of the newer buildings but the majority built before I was born, need to be torn down.


We understand your concerns. We are doing our best to make changes where we can. New facilities cost millions of dollars and we are still working on lowering our deficit and debt to be able to end state control. Work in underway to invest $25 million in our buildings to provide better learning and working environments. Many of the vacant buildings have been sold and we are doing working to sell the rest that are not in use.


When and if the SAT/ACT test will occur?

The testing calendar is available on our website under the Students & Parents tab. Please contact your school advisor for registration and confirmation of dates/times

Testing Calendar 2020-2021

What do I need to pick up food?

Food Pick up on Mondays and Wednesdays are available to all students in Gary under the age of 18. We just ask that you wear a mask and practice social distancing


Do the parents have to come up to the school to pick up the students’ progress reports?

Please reach out to your scholar’s school for that information. Most of the grades should be available to you online on a consistent basis outside of progress report time. But each school operates differently


Can you tell me more about this school?

This is the Gary Community School district page so we cover 10 schools in Gary. Please visit our website for details on a specific school. garyschools.org

September 2020 - Submitted Questions

August 2020 - Submitted Questions

  • How do I receive my child’s Chromebook?

Laptop distribution is available at all schools. The scheduled times and dates are continuously posted on our social media pages and website. In extreme circumstances, you may be able to pick up your scholar’s device outside the scheduled times (please contact your school to make arrangements).

  • How do I get technical assistance (with Chromebook, login issues, and hotspot/internet connection problems?

The IT Help Desk is available to all GCSC families with issues with your Chromebook or login. We encourage you to create a Help Desk ticket for issues. Video tutorials are also available on our IT page. If you have ideas for other tutorials that would be helpful, please submit your questions to info@garycsc.k12.in.us

  • How do I access the internet?

The T-Mobile hotspots are provided with the Chromebooks to all students. Connecting the hotspot will allow students to log in and submit work from anywhere! A tutorial on how to use the hotspot is available on the IT page. If the hotspot is not connecting or has technical problems you may call T-Mobile at 844.341.4834. Or create a Help Desk Ticket

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