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This page will be updated monthly with the questions and answers from community stakeholders.

We encourage you; as parents, community members, and staff to submit any questions you have here, info@garycsc.k12.in.us.

November 2023- Submitted Questions

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December 2022- Submitted Questions

Hi are you updating skyward because I cannot access my children information it’s telling me to enroll new student but I already got an account

Please check with your building FACE liaison or your school secretary for assistance logging into skyward. They will be able to identify the email account associated with your scholars.

Hello, who would I speak to, to get our football players that made all-state teams, and all-area recognized by the board?

Please reach out to our Athletic Director, Robert Lee at rlee@garyschools.org.

November 2022- Submitted Questions

My daughter graduated in 2001. I was curious to see if there are any pictures for her graduation or any pictures at all or books group pictures because we didn’t get any of that from West Side? 

Thank you for contacting us. Please reach out to West Side Leadership Academy directly. They have yearbooks stored at the school, and hopefully one from 2001 is available.

 I have a program I would like to propose to the district, how to I go about working with your student body?  

Depending on your target audience (grades, schools, etc.) you can reach out to the schools directly or work with a particular department to offer your services. All participating parties would need to go through the background check/volunteer process with our Human Resources office before interacting with the children.  Please visit our website www.garyschools.org for a list of schools and departments.

Community Forum Questions Submitted October 2022

What happens to those students identified by the IDOE as not passing reading scores?

Will they be passed on? How are you going to improve the scores?

Students identified as DNP for reading have been identified.   A triangulation of student data is gathered, and a remediation plan is developed.  We utilize various reteaching strategies and programs to address reading deficit.  We use iReady as both a formative assessment tool and a Tier 2 intervention.  We also use Mindplay to support student acquisition of reading skills.  Student retention is done on an individual basis.  Several interventions are put in place to prevent retention where possible.  Research shows that simple retaining students does not lead to learning and many times, students of color are disproportionately retained and thus drop out of school as a correlating result.  Scores will improve over time with sustained focus on the needs and strengths of students, intense training for teachers and commitments to education of parents. 

  Details on the sale of Dunbar-Pulaski/land

Dunbar-Pulaski has been sold and the property has been re-surveyed and properly split.  Williams school still belongs to the school district.  All paperwork has been properly filed through a title company.  The new owners of Pulaski will need to get the building re-zoned through the city.  The city received the bid for the building and gave its approval of the sale.

How are district closed properties assess?


The assessed value of the closed buildings is what is on file at the county assessor’s office.  Interested parties can ask that the property be reassessed to assist with potential tax purposes. 

Where are the detailed financial reports/status for the district?

Will the plan of action be shared with the public?

A variety of financial reports can be found on our district’s website, under the “Administration” tab and then the “Business Finance” section. The direct link is found at: https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/business-services/. Financial Reports are also presented quarterly to the Advisory Board and Fiscal Management Board during public meetings as well as at the monthly Distressed Unit Appeals Board meetings. The Director of DUAB receives a series of monthly financial reports that consists of claims, cash flow updates, 1065 School Improvement control documents, and fund reports to review. Our GCSC meetings are streamed and recorded on several social media platforms as well for those that are unable to attend in person during any presentation. 

What was the intent of today’s meeting/plan?

The purpose of public meetings is to hear from the community and to be able to inform members of different aspects of what is happening within the district.  We will hold these meetings each month and listen to questions and feedback.  

October 2022- Submitted Questions

What’s the academic plan for 2023-2024?

Does the plan come from you all? Or is it the community that comes up with the plan?

We will be working with the community on the plan. It will dependent heavily on the spring legislation session. But we will work together on the transition plan.

How will the district be addressing the literacy issues?
The aggressive academic plan over the next 21 months addresses literacy and other academic areas that have been a concern because of the pandemic.

Do we own Williams School?
Yes, the GCSC still owns the property that Williams Elementary sits on. The property was surveyed and the proper paperwork has been filed with the county. Due to the delay in processing that information, what you may read or hear may not be accurate, but we do still own the school.

Where are the detailed reports of the financial position of the GCSC?
All the financial reports can be found on our website at garyschools.org

How were the properties (up for demolition) assessed?

Through the police reports, break-ins, and fires were factors taken into consideration for the buildings up for demolition


September 2022- Submitted Questions

When are the schools going to be passing out Chromebooks for the students because kids are missing too many days of school because of there being no bus services for the kids to be transported to school. A lot of us parents don’t have vehicles to get our kids to school, so I think it’s time to start issuing out Chromebooks and iPads to the scholars so they won’t be behind on their education.

Thank you for your inquiry. Chromebooks were distributed at the start of the school year. Please contact your school directly for Chromebook needs. The principal should be able to provide your scholar with a Chromebook. You may also reach out to our IT Help Desk for further assistance: https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/it-support-help-desk/

How can I get radio station advertisements for my store in Gary?

WGVE is non-profit, therefore, there are no paid advertisement opportunities. However, to share information about your business, please contact Director of Broadcasting, Jeffrey Smith at jsmith1@garycsc.k12.in.us.

I’m a parent of a special needs student and I need to speak with someone as soon as possible.

Your information has been sent over to the department who should be reaching out to you today. Here is the contact information for the Director of Special Populations Shavette Grady: sgrady@garyschools.org

For the buildings being considered for demolition, what is being evaluated on which ones to prioritize?

The condition of the building and how much police activity has been involved will be high priorities, but we are asking the community to give feedback as well. Please send feedback to info@garyschools.org.

How can the community become involved with the STEM-based programs happening in the district?

Community members and organizations can volunteer in a number of ways. Please contact the Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Liaison at the school of interest to volunteer. Please specify your special interest in stem programming. We also invite companies and organizations to conduct STEM activities with youth. These initiatives must be approved by the building principal.

August 2022- Submitted Questions

Are the secretaries receiving training?
Yes. Our secretaries receive training for both customer service as well as skills-based training. Because they are among the first faces that parents and visitors see coming into the building, profession development is critical. We will continue to provide professional development for our secretaries as well as staff, teachers and administrators.

What are the safety measures being put in place for this school year?
All students are required to wear school badges when on campus. The locks on all classrooms have been replaced so that they can be locked from the inside in case of an emergency. We have emergency buttons throughout the building that connect directly to the security department. We ask for parents and guardians to reinforce safety measures with their scholars.

Can you elaborate on the resources and regulations for students with IEPs?
We have a new Director of Special Populations by the name Shavette Grady who is focused on providing resources and information to families of students with IEPs. The District offers one-on-one support as well as events designed to for parents and guardians to gather monthly to receive IEP training, and updates on events and resources GCSC provides. We are especially proud of our Unified Sports program.
For more information, please visit www.GarySchools.org.

Are specific schools serving Special Needs?
All of our schools are equipped to support students with special needs. We will provide the necessary resources to them for whatever school they attend within the district.

Are there any information about the bus schedule for 2022-2023 school year.
Yes, our bus schedules are available on our website under Transportation https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/parent-resources/bus-information/

Please be sure to check the website and social media for updates to the bus schedules.

Can you discuss the STEM availability in the schools.
STEM courses are taught across the District, and we have a Maker’s Space program to support STEM activities within certain schools. Bailly STEM is now recognized by the State of Indiana as STEM certified, and we are proud of this esteemed designation. Our team is currently working to earn this certification at several other schools in the District.  

What is the new co-principal layout at the high school?
We have two principals at the high school that have two different responsibilities to be able to support our scholars and provide more through our district.
We have other schools that follow this layout and has been successful. This link to the press release explains their roles: https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/west-side-leadership-academy-expands-administrative-team-to-co-principal-structure/

Can you define Homeless students and what do you provide?
Any student who is displaced from their home. The state of Indiana gives the parameter of what defines a homeless student. Within the district we provide uniforms, transportation, food and resources to local organizations to help families. For more information, families can contact Tenielle Foster-Milsap at 219-881-5466.


What’s been done about the school bus service? What’s the point in having schools if there’s no students? How can these kids beat the odds if the necessities of achieving their goals can’t be met without having a ride to school?


Thanks so much for your inquiry. As you may know, the bus crisis is something that is impacting districts across the nation. Our team is working daily to resolve this issue, and I am happy to share that the team will be adding more buses to the fleet via purchase. We have been forced to think outside the box and have accepted that challenge. Thanks so much for your concern. Please be sure to follow our website garyschools.org and social media for updates on our bus service. 

July 2022- Submitted Questions

Is there going to be transportation for student orientation?

Transportation is not available for orientation. However, please contact your school and let them know you are in need of assistance and options for assistance will be shared.

What’s going on with the football field at West Side? Will it be ready for the first home game?

The field will be completed by August 12th. There will be a ribbon cutting prior to the first game.

When is 8th grade orientation?

Orientation for GMS is August 2nd and for Bailly STEM Academy is Aug 4th. Please see our school calendar at Garyschools.org for details.

How do I obtain a copy of a diploma from Lew Wallace?

Only transcripts are available through the District. They can be requested online here: https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/curriculum-instruction-assessment/requests-for-transcripts/

A copy of a diploma may be requested through the Indiana Department of Education.

Where is  the Enrollment Registration Fair?

The registration fair will be at West Side Leadership Academy, 900 Gerry St, Gary, IN. on July 28th and 29th.

I just want to know what the point of kids having to wear uniforms. It’s not easy to find my son’s size.

School uniforms make schools safer for students, create a “level playing field” that reduces socioeconomic disparities, and encourages children to focus on their studies rather than their clothes. We offer a free uniform to students during registration and Calumet Township will give vouchers for those in need with verification from the school (available after the student has registered).

If you register your kids online do you have to come to the fair?

It is not a requirement to attend if registration is complete (documents submitted at the school, etc.). However, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the resources and information provided by our schools, vendors and community partners.

When will Skyward be updated with all information?

Information in Skyward is in real-time. If you need to make changes to your profile (address, phone, etc) please contact your school to update.

How can I learn if my favorite teacher Mr. Fred Hamer is still alive?

Unfortunately, the District does not keep records of retired teachers. Perhaps you can try Googling him? Best wishes.

June 2022- Submitted Questions

Hi. I am having a hard time pre-registering my kids. For some reason it’s not letting me. Is there another way? 

Good Day! Are you currently in the district or a new registration? 

You can register online at the link below. Instructions for both current and new families can be found here: https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/registration/ 

If you still have issues, please put in a ticket with the IT help desk and they can assist you further https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/it-support-help-desk/ 

When will this year skyward be updated with all information?

Information in Skyward is reel-time. If you need to make changes to your profile (address, phone etc.) , please contact your scholar’s home school to update. 

I want to return the equipment but as a working parent, I need emails where I can get more info because info to make an appointment, hours and location of drop off, and a contact person’s information should be included for parents 

Please send a message through the IT Help Desk to return equipment if you’re unable to return during the times listed in the correspondence. https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/it-support-help-desk/ 

How do you enroll in summer school? 

Please contact your scholar’s school directly, and they will be able to provide you with the information for summer school enrollment.

The residents on 17th Georgia would like to know when  you are going to cut the grass on your property across the street? 

The property you are referring to is Pulaski Middle School. This property belongs to the City of Gary. Please contact the City directly to inquire on their schedule for grass cutting at this location. Many thanks for your inquiry.

May 2022- Submitted Questions

How do you enroll in summer school? 

Please contact your scholars school and they will be able to provide you with the information for enrollment. 

I have a graduating senior. My family has 3 small children (4 and under) that will need to attend the graduation with us. 2 of them can sit on a lap.  Are we able to bring them in without them having tickets? 

Please contact West Side Leadership academy to verify. They should be able to accommodate your request.

I want to return my students equipment but as a working parent, I need emails where I can get more info because info to make an appointment, hours and location of drop off, etc. 

Please send a message through the IT Help Desk to return equipment if you’re unable to return during the times listed in the message. https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/it-support-help-desk/


Good evening, can you point me in the direction to obtain a work permit for my daughter? 

Yes. Work permits can be obtained from your child’s guidance counselor.

Hello. I have a student at West Side, and she is a junior. She told me her prom deadline payment of $170 is due May 4th. I thought you only pay for prom senior year. 

Greetings. All students who attend prom are required to pay the fee to attend.

Hello, how do I access Skyward? I’m not sure I was ever given login credentials. My son is in 6th grade at GMS.

Good morning. Here is the link to access Skyward. https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/skyward/ If you do not have your log-in credentials, contact your child’s school directly, and the IT team will be able to assist.

April 2022- Submitted Questions

How do you change the phone number listed to receive robocalls? 

Please submit the name of the student, name of school they attend, your name, phone number and relation to the child, and we can set up the notifications for you. 

Many communication messages come through Skyward as well. You can update your information with your school secretary if your email, address or phone number needs to be adjusted in our system. 

How long will the Lew Wallace bricks be given away?

The Lew Wallace bricks are available while supplies last. You may contact the Building, Grounds and Maintenance to check availability: 219-980-6317.

When does the West Side graduation list come out?

The official list for graduation will be shared publicly on June 5th.

Can you point me in the direction to obtain a work permit for my daughter?

Work permits can be obtained from your child’s guidance counselor.

March 2022- Submitted Questions

What are you all doing to fix the situation at West Side?? (Addressing student concerns)

The administration has implemented a program called “Cougar Conversations” where students now have a regular opportunity to gather to discuss any questions, concerns or suggestions they may have regarding their school experience. Topics that have been covered include lunch menu, bathroom upgraded, additional elective course offerings and senior activities.

For those who choose not to participate in open dialogue, suggestion boxes have been placed in several locations at the school for students to share information anonymously.

Thus far, these measures have proven to be productive. Students feel heard and are happy with the changes they are seeing.

Are there subjects that deal with mental health that high school students take? 

Yes there are. This school year, as a result of the pandemic, the District implemented mindfulness training through its SEL (Social Emotional Learning). Mental health exercises have been folded into the teaching curriculum so that teachers across the district can perform activities designed to positively impact the mental health of students. This may include breathing exercises as well as open discussions about their emotions. The District is actively hiring staff who are mental health professional to work with students in a one on one capacity as needed as well as to teach subjects like psychology and sociology and other electives. 

What are we doing for learning loss from the pandemic?

The Gary Community School Corporation has secured several grants that are dedicated to addressing learning loss. In addition to the after-school programs for reading and math that are taking place in the school buildings, we’ve partnered with other organizations like the YWCA of NWI to provide extra programming for students after school. An additional hour of reading has also been added to the school day.

Lastly, we will have an extended summer school this summer for all grades K-12th with two blocks for high school students. 

What are we doing to bridge the gap for 8th graders going to high school? 

West Side Leadership Academy will be hosting “Cougar Nights” for families with incoming Freshmen to tour the high school and learn more about the curriculum and programs offered.

The Gary Area Career Center also has class offerings for 8th graders to introduce them to potential career paths at an earlier age. For more information, please be sure to visit www.GarySchools.org.

February 2022- Submitted Questions

My child’s laptop is not working and the teacher has not responded to my message to her. What should I do about e-learning?  

Devices are distributed by each school. Please email your principal and notify her. You can also submit a ticket for assistance through our help desk: https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/it-support-help-desk/

For the Lew Wallace graduates, are we able to visit GCSC to obtain and purchase a yearbook from our class? If not, how do we go about getting one in your professional opinion? 

Unfortunately, the District does not have the yearbooks. Perhaps one of your classmates may have one. If so,  inquire who published it, and reach out to that company directly to see if they will do a reprint at cost. 

Hello. I went to Jefferson Elementary way back in the day. I’m been trying to find a way to see if there’s any possibility of files or year books available where I can find classmates. 

Unfortunately, student records are confidential. However, we suggest that you conduct a search on social media for Jefferson alumni. Countless groups have been formed online and our alumni are connecting every day. Best wishes on your search! 

I just moved and I see there is no bus stop nearby. I have a daughter that would have to walk in the dark pass all those woods by herself every morning I fear for her walking by herself and I have to work. Is it possible to make a stop closer? 

Welcome to the District! Please reach out to our transportation department. The team can update your information and find a stop more suitable and safer for your daughter. The number to Transportation is (219) 881-5426. 

When will make bricks from Lew Wallace available? People from out of town are holding their plans. Thank you! 


We are looking to do a special ceremony along with brick distribution at the conclusion of the demolition in April. We will be sure to give notice for those who want to travel from out of town. Thanks so much for your inquiry.

January 2022- Submitted Questions

I would like to know what school options my daughter has for the next school year? She is currently in the eighth grade at Bailly Middle School. Would the option to study online also be available for next year?

Thank you for your inquiry. Online instruction is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the needs of the student. We invite you to converse with the leadership team at West Side Leadership Academy to help determine the best academic pathway for your scholar. We look forward to supporting her education the entire way.

I would like to know how I gain access to reports from 2021 that shows 2021 progress toward the Viable Deficit Reduction Plan. I did not see any reporting posted on either the DUAB website or the Gary Community School Corporation website.

Good afternoon Councilwoman Adkins. This information can be found on our website at the link below. Thanks for your interest.


I recently read an article about the demolition of Lee Wallace High School. Could you clarify what is going to happen to the material that will result from the demolition? Will it be buried on-site; sold, or repurchased? Also, what was the funding source for this project? Was it federal, state or local?

Almost all material from the Lew Wallace demolition will be reused or recycled. All the concrete and brick will be ground up and used as clean fill, all the steel and other metals are separated and recycled. When complete about eight inches of dirt will cover the area and grass will be planted. This project was paid for using 1065 monies(school improvement funding).

December 2021- Submitted Questions

I have reached out to GMS , Banneker, and West Side. I’ve been told a social worker is not available and left messages. Was inquiring on Christmas help, if the GCSC was offering any assistance to single parent mom and family. Thank you in advance.


Resources for families are available through the FACE Liaisons at each school. As mentioned before, you can also reach out to Ms. Foster-Milsap directly at 219-881-5466 

Who’s responsible for updating the website? Still missing the curriculum. 

Our Public Relations team is responsible for updating the website. The curriculum team information is posted on the site under Administration.

What time and day do the 1st grader pick up Chromebooks at McCollough?

9:30-11:30am on Monday, January 3rd. You can also contact the school to schedule a time if you’re unable to make it during the scheduled time slot.

I am contacting you to determine if there is a possibility to purchase or receive a piece of the brick from the demolition of my loved alma mater, Lew Wallace high school. I currently live in Charlotte NC, and would love to have a piece of my history and amazing memories of my time at Lew Wallace in my yard. Please let me know if I may purchase, at any price, a piece of my history.


Thank you for your inquiry. Here is the latest information regarding Lew Wallace. 



What if YOU NEVER picked up the actual diploma from now closed school Lew Wallace is there an opportunity that the original diploma is still available?

Diplomas must be ordered from the Indiana Department of Education. Transcripts can be ordered at www.GarySchools.org.

November 2021- Submitted Questions

The buses have not been picking kids up in Glen Park. Please let us know what’s going on.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Bus services are being delivered in the Glen Park area. If you ever have bus issues, please reach out to the transportation office at (219) 881-5426

There are seniors who didn’t take an ID pic. Can they use their schedule as a form of ID?

Seniors took school ID photos during orientation and the 1st week of school. If your scholar has never had a school ID, please go to the main office and a photo id will be taken. All students are required to have one and wear it daily to school.

Will there be more postings of Bailly Stem Academy? My daughter goes there and says they’re never on Facebook. Thank you!

The information we post on the GCSC is provided by the school or the school informs us of events happening. When we know of projects or events, we will gladly post. Please be sure to continue to follow the GCSC pages for all school updates.

I am a Lew Wallace graduate from the class of 1998. I was at the demolition today. As I remembered all the joy I had being in ROTC and on the Armed Drill Team I wondered what will happen to the trophies that we had from the years I attended? Were they still in the school or had they been taken out years ago? I would love to have one as a keepsake if possible 🤞 as I was a die hard ROTC student.

Trophies from all closed schools will be displayed in a Hall of Fame that will be housed at West Side Leadership Academy and open to the public to visit. Thanks so much for your inquiry.

I am contacting you to determine if there is a possibility to purchase or receive a piece of the brick from the demolition of my loved alma mater, Lew Wallace high school.

Thank you for your inquiry. Here is the latest information regarding Lew Wallace.


October 2021- Submitted Questions

Buses haven’t been picking up kids in Glen Park, is there someone I could speak to?

If you ever have bus issues, please reach out to the transportation office at (219) 881-5426

I need to transfer my student and return her laptop.

Please request the transfer with the school directly and return the laptops to the school as well. The phone number is 219-980-6326.

I think the district should consider hiring some in school therapist. Not one, but several. Students are adjusting to returning to school after a year and a half, lacking the coping skills to manage anger, and more recently grieving the loss of a classmate last week (which has not been acknowledged by school adults).

There are behavioral therapists at every school in the District. More than one. Many thanks for your suggestion.

Can you please advise me on what the scholars who have dual-credit classes at IUN are supposed to do?

Please contact West Side Leadership Academy directly. Your student’s counselor should be able to assist. scooper@garyschools.org or shamblin@garyschools.org.

I have 2 kids in GMS. Just a thought. I really want them to stay home wasn’t ready for them to really go back. What if they do the few days a week and virtual like last year?

We will make note of your suggestion. At this time, we are in-person. We do have a virtual option that is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. It isn’t live instruction, so your scholars will have to be very independent in their assignments. The information/application can be found here: https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/virtual-school-2021-2022/

When will the district show COVID data on the website like other schools have done

The district does weekly updates of COVID cases that are now listed on our website. Visit GarySchools.org for the updates.

When do the 1st report cards come out?


For seniors who didn’t take ID pictures, can they use their schedule?

All high school students are required to have an ID to enter the building. The ID pictures were taken during orientation and the first few weeks of school. If your student doesn’t have an ID, she/he can go to the main office to obtain one.

How are we addressing the fighting in the schools?

The alternative program has started. Over 110 students have been enrolled to address both academic and behavioral issues. We are pleased to report that there have not been any fights in the past 4 weeks.

What are we doing to engage the parents?

The District continues to create many opportunities to connect parents with the things happening in the school community. On a school level, the FACE Liaisons are creating parenting workshops as well as the parent center at each school is accessible for parents during the school day.

The district hosts monthly community forums. Every 2nd Monday, our Manager is at J’s Breakfast Club at 10:00 a.m. to address the community. Also, once a month, the FACE Coordinator Mrs. Milsap hosts a roundtable discussion with parents. Please reach out to the FACE Liaison at your child’s school for more opportunities to get involved.

Parents don’t feel welcome to come in.

Parents are welcome in the buildings. Because of the ongoing pandemic, we have to follow safety measures while in the building. Volunteers opportunities are limited at this time, but do indeed welcome parental involvement.

The food being served is a concern. (Quality, nutritional value)

We have a meeting with the head of the food vendor to address the concerns we’ve heard around the food. It has been a food shortage due to the pandemic, but we ensure you that we are doing our best to provide options for our scholars. More menu options are forthcoming.

Do we have therapists in the schools?

We have a partnership with Edgewater and other programs that provide access to more than a dozen therapists outside the district as well as behavioral specialists and counselors onsite in every building.

Are we soliciting to local people for contracts and jobs?

Yes, all contracts with the district are publicized in the local newspaper, sent directly to the Gary Chamber of Commerce and are posted on our website. In addition, the District has adopted a measure that gives preference to local vendors.

Are we doing field trips?

Field trips are being planned with close attention being payed to COVID-19 restrictions. Recently, 9 field trips were approved by our Manager for schools throughout the district.

September 2021- Submitted Questions

  1. I think the district should consider hiring some in school therapist. Not one, but several. Students are adjusting to returning to school after a year and a half, lacking the coping skills to manage anger, and more recently grieving the loss of a classmate last week (which has not been acknowledged by school adults).

There are behavioral therapists at every school in the District are in place to help students with their return to in-person learning.


  1. It is absolutely ridiculous what this school is serving children for lunch. I know the staff doesn’t eat the food so why serve it to the students.

We have shared the concerns with our vendor Sodexo, which is addressing the matter. Thank you for raising your voice. Sodexo has since responded with additional food offerings for students.


  1. Can you please advise me on what the scholars that have dual-credit classes at IUN is supposed to do?

Please contact West Side Leadership Academy directly. Your student’s counselor should be able to assist You may them via email at scooper@garyschools.org or shamblin@garyschools.org.


  1. I have 2 kids in GMS. Just a thought. I really want them to stay home wasn’t ready for them to really go back. What if they do the few days a week and virtual like you all did last year.

We will make note of your suggestion. At this time, we are in-person. We do have a virtual option that is evaluated on a case by case basis. Please note that the instruction is not live, so your scholars will have to be very independent and diligent  in their assignments. The information/application can be found here: https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/virtual-school-2021-2022/


  1. When will the district show COVID data on the website like other schools have done?

The information lives on our website under the COVID tab.


  1. When does the 1st report card come?

The information can be found on the school calendar found online. https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/GCSC-School-Calendar-2021-2022-final.pdf


  1. My name is Rich Paskash and I am a Lew Wallace Alumni, class of ’66. Many Alumni are wondering and asking when our school will be torn down. So, I’d like to ask the GCSC if a contract has been awarded and if so, when can we expect demolition?

Good morning. The District pushed out the below communication regarding Lew Wallace Demolition on July 29th. The bid approval process takes place this month and demolition will begin in October. Many thanks for your inquiry. Find regular updates on our website at GarySchools.org




1st Week of School FAQ

August 2021- Submitted Questions

When Does School Start For Beveridge Elementary School?

August 10th. Please contact your school for specific details and information is also posted on our website at Garyschools.org. Thanks for your inquiry.


How do I set it up skyward?

Here is a link to the Skyward tutorial to help you get started: https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/skyward/ 


Can the children stay virtual? 

This school year will be in-person instruction. Virtual options will be granted on a case-by-case basis for students with health conditions that prohibit their attendance in person. Please contact your child’s home school to apply for the virtual option.


When will the bus transportation schedule be out for the school year? 

The bus schedules are posted and updated on our website. Visit www.GarySchools.org  and click transportation.


What color uniforms do Bailly 8th grader wear? 

Maroon top with tan pants.


Who is the superintendent of Gary Community Schools? 

Dr. Paige McNulty is the Manager of the Gary Community School Corporation.


Will buses be running an hour late on Wednesday for late start Wednesday? 

Yes, they will. Please visit www.GarySchools.org  and click transportation for any bus schedule updates.


Are the tablets for everyone or just for Bethune? 

The tablets were distributed to our Bethune students only. Other grades have access to Chromebooks. 


Are there lunch menus available for the elementary? 

Yes. School menus are posted on our website at https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/food-services/

July 2021 - Submitted Questions

What is Skyward and how do I sign up. I don’t have login information set up. I was using Infinite Campus but it  has been changed to skyward. 

Your email for skyward will be the same as it was in infinite campus.  

Go to “reset” your password. https://skyward.iscorp.com/GarySDINStuSTS/Account/ForgotPassword 

Enter your email.  

Instructions to skyward will go to your email on file.  

You can download the app to your phone as well. Tutorials and information on Skyward is available on our website: https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/skyward/ 


Hello. Is Covid-19 vaccination required? 

Vaccination is not required but highly recommended. We have the vaccines available during the registration fair going on the July 27-29th at West Side Leadership Academy, and you can also visit local health care centers and hospitals for vaccination at no cost. Per CDC guidelines masks will be required in schools until further direction is given.

Are the school uniforms the same color? Blue,  khaki, white and light blue? 

Yes. The school uniforms will be the same this year. 

Hi, who do I complain to about the high school morning bus route for 35th Avenue in Glen Park? My child leaves out every morning at 8:15 to come back home to tell me the bus left already or the bus never came. I am then pulled from my work day to get him and other students to school. I need to be ensured this does not happen when school officially starts. 

We are truly sorry for this issue. Please report the issue to the transportation company, Illinois Bus Central at (219)938-6570. Your concern has also been shared with our administrative team to be addressed. 

Good afternoon! Was the link sent out for parents who wanted their child(ren) to do virtual learning? 

There wasn’t a link sent out, but we are taking applications for individuals with extenuating circumstances that prevent them from coming into the building. The application can be found on our website at: https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/virtual-school-2021-2022/ 


To whom this may concern. I was wondering  if you are looking for a in-house painter? I have 10 years of experience, in the trade. If so who do I contact? I would like to hand in my resume.


We are currently not in search of an in-house painter. However, all available openings are listed on our website at GarySchools.org – Employment. Thank you for your inquiry.


Not sure if you can help me here but when does school start back for West Side School? School starts August 10th

And also… I completely missed out on the dates for summer school for my daughter due to my work schedule and other unfortunate events.. so will she have to repeat her grade? 

We are sorry that you missed the announcements for summer school. The information was included in mailings, emails, robocalls, social media posts, news articles and our website. Please be sure to follow these vehicles to received future information. Your child will not have to repeat her grade. Please contact your child’s school directly for further information.


Are the children being mandated back into the building 21/22 school year?

Classes will resume in-person for the 21-22 school year. E-learning options will be available only to students who are experiencing extenuating circumstances. Parents interested in the e-learning option must apply at GarySchools.org or contact their child’s school to apply. Thank you for your inquiry.


I’m happy to hear the Gary Community School Corporation is moving ahead with the demolition of Lee Wallace High School. What is the plan for demolition of Nobel School?

Good morning. Nobel School was sold and is no longer owned by the Gary Community School Corporation. Please see more information at the link below:



June 2021 - Submitted Questions

Why doesn’t the school call parents when buses are running late? This is the 2nd time my kids have left Banneker school late and I was not notified. School was dismissed at 2p, I was at the bus stop at 2:30. Once 2:48 came I called the school to inquire about the bus. I was informed they had just left the school at 2:40, 40 minutes later. No one called to notify me or anything else. I’m furious and trying to figure out what are you all going to do about this situation? Here it is 3:30 and bus still has not made it to the bus stop. This is so irresponsible and unacceptable for no one to reach out and let us know what is going on. 

We are sorry that this has happened on more than one occasion. Please check with your child’s school to make sure your contact information is up-to-date. Please also leave a message with the transportation department with the details of the dates and bus number, so they can address it with the bus contractor. (219)881-5426. 

Is the track open to the public for walking? If so, what are the hours? 

We are happy to open the track to the public for walking between dawn and dusk. Currently, the track is closed as we install new football turf. We will post when the track is open and available for use on our social media platforms and website. 

I am interested in attending public school board meetings. I want to give back to the school system that helped me become a scholar. 

Thank you for your interest in giving back! We hope to open volunteer opportunities to the public in the near future. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, we are limited on the number of attendees who can attend meetings and enter the buildings at this time. We do offer community engagement at J’s Breakfast Club, 3669 Broadway in Gary every 2nd Monday of the month to hear updates of things happening in the district as well as informing the community of opportunities to give back and get involved. The next one is scheduled for Monday, July 12th. You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter that occasionally highlights opportunities for involvement. If you’re interested in subscribing, please send us your email address or submit your information on the homepage of our website at garyschools.org. Thank you for your interest.

I want to let you know that I was very disappointed in this way things were handled for the seniors this year. My daughter missed out on senior pictures and now senior group picture because someone did not tell her what time to be there for graduation day. She did go to the 2 practices that they had and no one told her what time to be there. 

I’m sorry that your daughter did not hear the information that was provided to her and all the seniors. Our graduates and families were informed of all details regarding graduation for weeks leading into the ceremony. The faculty had a meeting with parents weeks before graduation and seniors were told at every practice leading up to graduation to be at the school by noon the day of graduation. We will bring your concerns to the faculty so hopefully in the future, no graduating senior are left out. It was challenging for us all this year because of the unforeseen pandemic. We wish your senior well in her future endeavors and thank you for sharing your feedback.


 I would like to find out how I can get my transcript.

You can submit a request through our online form at garyschools.org.  

If you need additional assistance one you’ve submitted, please reach out to Ms. Johnson at 219-881-5414. 


I want to sign my son up for summer school. He goes to West Side Leadership Academy. 

Please reach out to West Side directly, and they will be able to assist you in this process. (219) 413-9870 


Do you know how the bus schedule going to be for summer school? l need information. My daughter will be attending summer school and needs to know what the bus will be coming and the bus stop location.

The bus schedule will be specific to your child’s school. Please contact your home school for specific instructions. Thanks so much for enrolling your child in Summer School.

May 2021 - Submitted Questions

Good evening I have purchased my transcripts and wanted to know how soon will I receive it. 

Transcripts take 3-5 business days to process. If you still need assistance, please reach out to Ms. Johnson at 219-881-5414. 

How can I get my transcript?  

You can submit a request through our online form at garyschools.org.  If you need additional assistance once you’ve submitted, please reach out to Ms. Johnson at 219-881-5414. 

A few parents and I are concerned about the learning gaps our children have develop. We have a serious question. Will some of the COVID relief funds be used for summer school and programs for our children??? 

Yes, definitely! We have extended our summer school program and are planning additional programming for the fall to assist with filling in the gaps. We understand your concerns and are prepared to support our children and families through this. Thank you for your question. 

Can you tell me if Brunswick school has been sold? If so, can I get contact info, because the lawn needs to be mowed!! It’s out of hand and a danger for attracting stray animals, dumping, and etc. in a residential neighborhood. 

Yes, Brunswick has been sold to the City of Gary. Please contact them at 219-881-1300 for assistance. For a list of all the properties sold, visit: 

Property Sale


April 2021 - Submitted Questions

When will freshman and sophomores be able to return to the building?

The next round of in-person entry will most likely take place with the new school year. However, it depends on the guidelines set forth by our local health department and the CDC.

When is spring break?

April 5-12

I would like to know after spring break would Students be returning back to West Side Leadership Academy?

West Side will contact you directly for in-person attendance.

How do I obtain my infinite campus login?

Please contact your home school for log-in access.

What has been the outcome of Gary Roosevelt property/historic place designation RFI bids?

Several proposals were submitted for acquisition of Roosevelt. The guidelines specifically indicated that proposals should include a viable plan that would ensure the building is used in such a way that it benefits the community and upholds the legacy of Gary Roosevelt. Additionally, there must be proof of the financial ability to support said plan. The proposals received in the first two rounds did not meet all of the requirements. Another request for proposals will go out later this year. Information about the process is located on our website at Garyschools.org. Thanks so much for your inquiry.

Where can I find the bus schedule? I was informed that it’s on the Gary Community School Corporation website. But can’t find it.

Due to varying schedules and drop-off/pick-up sites, your individual school will share the bus schedule with families that have opted for in-school instruction.

March 2021 - Submitted Questions

I’m interested in finding out whether or not there is an archive of student written material from 1968-69 for Horace Mann HS

Unfortunately, the only information we would have from Horace Mann would be of transcripts.


Where is the survey to fill out for my children to return to Bailley school?

On the homepage of the website it has the links to the middle school survey. Garyschools.org


Is the Westside track open to the public yet? If it’s not, will it be?

The track will have the top coat put on sometime this spring (hopefully in the next 6 weeks; weather permitting). Once it is open, we will announce it to the community! We look forward to opening it!

January 2021 - Submitted Questions

IUN Teaching Permit Questions

  1. Are you teaching or stressing culturally competence in lesson planning and teaching? 

Social and emotional training is now a part of professional development for all teachers both in the IUN program and regular teachers 

  1. Are subs available to take the program? 

Yes, it’s available for anyone who currently has a bachelor’s degree working under an emergency permit.  

The next phase of the program is to include those who have at least 60 credit hours (who have not completed the degree). As information becomes available for the expansion, we will share with the public.  

  1. How many teachers in the classroom aren’t certified at Gary Schools? 

We have about 50 instructors teaching under an emergency permit which is about the national average. We aim to lower that number with the ongoing teaching permit program with IUN.  

General questions

  1. Will West Side be returning to the building or only elementary and middle school? 

Elementary students have a choice of In-Person Traditional Learning (Monday- Friday) or to continue E Learning at Home 

Middle School students have a choice of Hybrid Learning (2 days at school and 3 days at home learning) 

High School students will continue learning at home at this time 

High School will continue to be on E-Learning. As we slowly open back up the buildings, we will inform all families of the scheduled return. 

  1. Will GCSC students get PEBT on 1/31/21? 

The funds are based on attendance for 1/31/21. GCSC students who have fulfilled the attendance requirements are included. 

  1. How can I find out about what’s playing on WGVE?

Visit http://wgve887fm.org/ for more information about the shows on WGVE.

  1. Who would I contact for info about an empty school? 

The information on schools that are still being sold by the district are listed on the garyschools.org website. Many of the vacated properties have been sold already. https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/property-sale/ 


  1. Class of ’96 looking into doing a community service project @ West Side, possibly at month’s end. Please inbox me post with any suggestions. Thanks in advance. 

The best route for this information would be through the building principal, Mr. Mahone. Contacting the West Side Facebook page or calling the school directly to get in contact with him. 


  1. Are we coming back on January 25th? 

The current scheduled return date is February 16th 

  1. Are children expected to be in full uniform on Monday the 19th when they return to school? 

Yes, students who will be returning to in school learning will be expected to wear a full uniform 

  1. My son’s computers are not turning on. One went out and he was using a backup. Now the other has went out. My other son’s camera is starting to act up. Is there a number, email or place that I can drop them off for repair or exchange them? 

Repairs and support can be resolved with help from our IT department. Please submit a help desk ticket at: https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/it-support-help-desk/

December 2020 - Submitted Questions

When is food pickup during the holiday break?  

The Food Distribution special schedule during the holiday break is available on our website at Garyschool.org and posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

Are you going to sign up for the P-EBT program for the Gary students since it been extended to Sept 2021?

If the Gary Community School Corporation is invited to participate, the District will submit the requested information.

When does school resume for Gary Community School? 

Monday, January 4, 2021

Are the Gary School Corporation elementary schools currently in-person or are they doing e-learning?

Currently, the elementary students are e-learning. The District is currently surveying families on in-class learning for January 2021.

Is there is a charge to repair my son’s Chromebook.

There is no charge to repair your child’s Chromebook. If continuous repairs are needed, then it may need to be replaced. Please enter an IT ticket online at GarySchools.org under the IT tab or call for assistance.  https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/it-support-help-desk/


November 2020 - Submitted Questions

Hello. I stay in Park Shore Commons Is there NO. bus for. food. today? 

The food distribution schedule has recently changed. Please visit our website for the times, locations and dates. https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/food-services/ 


Did they issue out p-EBTcards for Gary Middle School? 

Not at this time. The State of Indiana makes the determination of EBT distribution. We have submitted the contact information for our district and await a response as to whether Gary schools will be included in the 2nd round.  

I have 3 school age children under the age of 18. I don’t have transportation available to me is there a way I can have a drop off for the food distribution? 

We are unable to drop off food to individuals but we have recently made changes to the routes, days and locations. Please visit our website to see if any of our added sites are more accessible to you. https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/food-services/ 


When is the basketball season begin? 

The full schedule is available on our website in the athletics section. Subject to change. https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/athletics/ 


My son’s laptop won’t cut on.  

Please submit a help desk ticket: https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/it-support-help-desk/ 


I wasn’t able to pick up my diploma, I am a 2020 graduate. I was in Georgia for the past 4 months. I was wondering how I’d be able to get it. 

Please contact the main office at WSLA and they will be able to assist you. (219)413-9870  or message the WSLA Facebook page.  

Hello, I wanted to inquire on how to get a yearbook. My high school has been closed for a while, I lost my yearbook and would like to replace it.


Thanks for your inquiry. With the school being closed, you will need to contact the yearbook company directly for any reprint requests. Thanks again.


Did not see info on Gary Roosevelt High School proposals. Please send again.

Good morning and thank you for your inquiry. Yes, several proposals have been received in response to the RFI for the Roosevelt building. The proposals are currently under evaluation. More information will be shared once any selections of projects/proposals are made. Please continue to check out website and social media for announcements.


Is there a charge to repair my son’s Chromebook?

There is not a fee for the repair of the Chromebook. If continuous repairs are needed, then it may need to be replaced. Please contact our IT Helpdesk for assistance. https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/it-support-help-desk/


I am an engineer working with the Gary Sanitary District on a project in Gary and I was wondering are the Gary School Corporation elementary schools currently in-person or are they doing e-learning? We are wanting to understand if there are currently students/staff in the building, specifically at Beveridge Elementary school.

The Gary Schools are in an e-learning environment with teachers and staff working remotely.

October 2020 - Submitted Questions


Where can I find the GCSC 2021 budget?


Budget Materials can be found on the GCSC website under Administration-Business Services or also at: https://www.garycsc.k12.in.us/business-services/



In the 2019 actual expenditures what is the unspecific vendor paid approximately $1,000,000?


This specific transaction is recording a transfer of funds on the books through a journal entry between accounts not related to a specific vendor. This is a typical accounting transaction during the year made in the payroll clearing account to record journal entries.



Why were plumbing expenses so high in 2019?


Plumbing expense in 2019 included significant emergency work at the Roosevelt building when the pipes burst during the Polar Vortex.



Why were payments made to Diane Schweitzer in 2019 and why was she paid twice?


Diane Schweitzer was a contractor to GCSC to augment the Buildings and Ground department by managing property bids and sales, identifying unused items for auction if applicable, and identifying energy savings projects and initiatives. The expense for her services was funded through energy cost savings and sales of unused assets. 


She was not paid twice. Accounting personnel sometimes entered payments as Diane Schweitzer and other times as Sweitzer Diane.



Why did MGT enter into leases for GCSC for $34 million in 2019?


GCSC or MGT did not enter into leases in 2019 or any time since August 2017. The “leases” reported on the IDOE Annual Financial Report are part of the long term debt number that has been regularly reported for many years. Below are the two “leases”, which can be found on Gateway at https://gateway.ifionline.org/report_builder/:


These long term debt bonds are structured on lease payments made based on an amortization schedule provided in the bond documents. This specific type of debt was structured for lease payments.

Debt Name:  
Ad Valorem Property Tax First Mortgage Refunding Bonds, Series 2012

Debt Status:  Outstanding

Type of Indebtedness:  Lease

Base CUSIP Number:  

Debt Name:  Ad Valorem Property Tax First Mortgage Refunding Bonds Series 2020B

Debt Status:  Outstanding

Type of Indebtedness:  Lease

Base CUSIP Number:  366754


Why does a vendor from Gary paid in 2019 list a home address for receipt of payments?


GCSC does not manage any vendors billing or bookkeeping processes. The address used for correspondence by a vendor is that vendors preference and is not determined by GCSC.




What is the average spend rate per pupil for the Gary Public Schools?

The total amount spent per student for the fiscal year 2019 was $11,099.43. The full details are available on the Indiana Department of Education website. 


I was wondering how to go about purchasing a school or finding out how much it would be, and could it be turned into a residential? (specifically the old Franklin school)

The former Benjamin Franklin school was sold to the City of Gary in 2019.


Will the members be mostly political people?   So how will the committee members be selected? 

The referendum oversight committee will be a cross-section of the Gary community. We hope the committee includes local officials, parents, students, parents and caregivers, business owners, and retirees.

Community members who are interested in serving on the committee will have the opportunity to provide information about themselves, their interest in serving, their connection to GCSC, and what they may bring to the committee, the district, and the community. Information on how to provide this information will be shared after the election.


When should we be getting the p ebt?

Why isn’t any of the Gary Community school Copt schools on the list to receive PEBT this round?


The district received funds from the first wave distributed for food assistance. The funds that recently were sent out were for districts that did not receive funding the first time around. If we get notifications of additional funds, we will notify our families.


Hello. How do we apply to be on the oversight group for how the referendum money is spent?

The information will be posted on our website over the next few weeks. Probably not until the Referendum is passed but if you please send your interest to info@garycsc.k12.in.us we will be able to send you that information once its available


All of the surrounding areas (lake station, Merrillville, portage) are opening schools back up. Why is Gary still delayed?? Working parents are already having a hard time

We apologize for the delay. The health and safety of our students, teachers and staff is our top priority and factored into every decision.  Our district is the only one in the region that has a local health commissioner. We have to follow the guidance of our city health commissioner while the surrounding districts only have to follow the guidance of the county. As soon as our local health commissioner gives us the ok (which is based solely off of Gary’s COVID numbers) we will have a plan to safely bring back out students.


Why must our community and students accept old reconstructed buildings that have inadequate everything. The new plan is substandard and the board should be ashamed of themselves. I have a grandchild in one of the newer buildings but the majority built before I was born, need to be torn down.


We understand your concerns. We are doing our best to make changes where we can. New facilities cost millions of dollars and we are still working on lowering our deficit and debt to be able to end state control. Work in underway to invest $25 million in our buildings to provide better learning and working environments. Many of the vacant buildings have been sold and we are doing working to sell the rest that are not in use.


When and if the SAT/ACT test will occur?

The testing calendar is available on our website under the Students & Parents tab. Please contact your school advisor for registration and confirmation of dates/times

Testing Calendar 2020-2021

What do I need to pick up food?

Food Pick up on Mondays and Wednesdays are available to all students in Gary under the age of 18. We just ask that you wear a mask and practice social distancing


Do the parents have to come up to the school to pick up the students’ progress reports?

Please reach out to your scholar’s school for that information. Most of the grades should be available to you online on a consistent basis outside of progress report time. But each school operates differently


Can you tell me more about this school?

This is the Gary Community School district page so we cover 10 schools in Gary. Please visit our website for details on a specific school. garyschools.org

September 2020 - Submitted Questions

August 2020 - Submitted Questions

  • How do I receive my child’s Chromebook?

Laptop distribution is available at all schools. The scheduled times and dates are continuously posted on our social media pages and website. In extreme circumstances, you may be able to pick up your scholar’s device outside the scheduled times (please contact your school to make arrangements).

  • How do I get technical assistance (with Chromebook, login issues, and hotspot/internet connection problems?

The IT Help Desk is available to all GCSC families with issues with your Chromebook or login. We encourage you to create a Help Desk ticket for issues. Video tutorials are also available on our IT page. If you have ideas for other tutorials that would be helpful, please submit your questions to info@garycsc.k12.in.us

  • How do I access the internet?

The T-Mobile hotspots are provided with the Chromebooks to all students. Connecting the hotspot will allow students to log in and submit work from anywhere! A tutorial on how to use the hotspot is available on the IT page. If the hotspot is not connecting or has technical problems you may call T-Mobile at 844.341.4834. Or create a Help Desk Ticket

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