McCullough Elementary Faculty

Photo of Genevieve Bellmon-Smoot Genevieve Bellmon-Smoot Tnc-Nurse
Photo of Angela D. Blakely Angela D. Blakely Sub Teacher-Ba/Dtd
Photo of Von C Brown Von C Brown Resource Officer
Photo of Linda L. Burns Linda L. Burns Sub-Parent-Ass’t
Photo of Karin D. Carey Karin D. Carey Teacher-Second Grade
Photo of Debby Cuttino Debby Cuttino Teacher-Third Grade
Photo of Monica Dumas Monica Dumas Secretary IV
Photo of Antonia Escobedo Antonia Escobedo Full Day Kndgrtn
Photo of Tina Louise Gillyard Tina Louise Gillyard Teacher-Fourth Grade
Photo of Gina Hannah Gina Hannah Teacher-Fifth Grade
Photo of Cora Hoskins Cora Hoskins Teacher-Physical Ed
Photo of Debra Howard Debra Howard Tse-Mimh
Photo of Yvonne D. Lucas Yvonne D. Lucas Teacher-Fifth Grade
Photo of Marisala Mesarina Marisala Mesarina Coder
Photo of Lenetha Patterson Lenetha Patterson Teacher-Second Grade
Photo of Nina J. Peterson Nina J. Peterson Teacher-Fourth Grade
Photo of Dwight E Pointer Dwight E Pointer Transformation Specialist
Photo of Kerry E Rolfe Kerry E Rolfe Full Day Kndgrtn
Photo of Amelia Villanueva Amelia Villanueva Teacher-Third Grade
Photo of Chaitra Latrice Wade Chaitra Latrice Wade Elementary principal
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