Updates regarding the funds used from Indiana House Enrolled Act 1065 for the improvement of Gary Community School Buildings will be posted here. 

Projects completed during the 2022 Spring Break

WS Restrooms- All restrooms were painted, ceilings and lighting were repaired. Sinks, urinals and toilets were replaced/repaired as needed, we are in the process of repairing all the partition’s in the restrooms also ( some material is delayed)

WS Security- We replaced six overhead security gates.

WS Ceilings- We replaced over 500 hundred ceiling tile in the school.

WS HVAC- Made repairs to two fan units that supply air to the school.

Our in-house painters painted over 20 rooms in different schools and locations.

We did major clean up in two schools, throwing out accumulated furniture and misc. items

Indiana House Enrolled Act 1065 allows the Distressed Unit Appeal Board (DUAB) to suspend certain payments to the Common School Fund for Gary Community School Corporation (GCSC) in order to establish a School Improvement Fund and transfer to the School Improvement Fund an amount equal to the payments that are delayed or suspended.  Such a School Improvement Fund may be used only for the following purposes: (1) Repair, renovation, or other improvements to school buildings and property being used for educational purposes as of July 1, 2020. (2) Demolition of school buildings or other structures on school property in existence as of July 1, 2020.


All expenditures from a School Improvement Fund must be approved by the DUAB. The opportunity to suspend payments and transfer funds from the Common School Fund into School Improvement Fund begins July 1, 2020 and expires January 1, 2025.


The monthly transfer into the School Improvement Fund would be approximately $470,000.  Over this 54-month timeframe, approximately $25,380,000 could be deposited into the School Improvement Fund. Money may be expended for the purposes described above as they are received or may grow over time for larger repair and renovation projects as needed.


GCSC has broad facility needs, therefore projects considered are diverse in location, size, and area.  Diversification of projects impacts the largest number of students and would have a visual impact in a broad range of areas of the community.


Each phase of this plan reflects both the major facility systems as well as security and beautification details that create quality learning environments. 


During each phase, GCSC will work closely with the Gary Mayor’s Office to determine which existing, but unused structures should be demolished.


All projects in all phases of the Plan will first consider engagement with minority and female-owned businesses in the Gary Community.  GCSC will share the scope of all project work with the Gary Chamber of Commerce for distribution to its local membership.      

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