Transportation Options:

New Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Morning Arrival

Our goal is for students to arrive and depart in a safe and orderly manner. WSLA early dismissal cut off time is 2:00 p.m. Please notify the office by 2:00 pm if there is a change to how your student will go home that day. Students who leave school early, before 11:00am, will have an unexcused absence on their attendance record. Parents are encouraged to avoid scheduling appointments during school hours. When an emergency makes it necessary for a student under the age of 18 to leave before dismissal, the student’s parent or guardian is required to pick up the student. It is strongly encouraged that parents avoid picking up students during the school day.

Student Arrival – Car Riders/Walkers


Upon arrival, students will enter through Door B and proceed through the security checkpoint inside the building. 


Parent Drop Off


  1. Students may be dropped off no earlier than 7:05 am. Note: Breakfast is served 6:30am-7:05am. Car riders eating breakfast must be dropped off in the roundabout and walk to Door K.


  1. For safety, please follow the signage that is posted. Please remain in your car during drop-off time. Students will exit the car on the curb side of the vehicle.
  2. If your student is walking from home, they can enter the school through Door K or Door B. Walking from home means that the student is not receiving a ride to a spot near the school to avoid the line of cars. 


Student Arrival – Bus Riders

Students will exit the buses and line up single filed in preparation for building entry at Door K. Upon entry, students are to proceed through the required security checkpoint and enter the roped stanchion to have their ID scanned. Students will be given breakfast and proceed to their designated area in the gymnasium to sit and wait for classroom dismissal.


Afternoon Dismissal

Bus Riders


  1. Students will be dismissed from last period classes per announcement.  All bus riders will exit the building via the surge.


  1. Once students exit the building, they should proceed immediately to load their respective bus; They may not return to the building to use the bathroom, go back to the classroom, etc.


Note: Students who receive door-to-door services will load buses in front of the school.



Parent Pick Up (Car Riders)

  1. Parents remain in cars in line outside the front of the school.


  1. If you are walking from home to pick up your child, please wait at the end of the sidewalk outside the fence. If your child does not usually walk home from school, you must let the office know before 2:00 pm so a message can be sent to the student.


  1. To take your student out of school early, please come to the office by 2:00 pm to sign them out of school and avoid being caught in after school pick-up traffic.




Thank you for your cooperation so we can ensure safety and respect our neighbors living in the surrounding neighborhoods.

West Side Leadership Academy is a college preparatory high school that offers dual credit, advanced placement courses. Some of their most notable achievements include:

Recipient of the Bill Gates Millennium Scholar Program, which provides a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates
Foundation to provide outstanding students from diverse ethnic backgrounds enhanced opportunities for academic excellence
Recipient of 2015 Indiana Secondary School Art Educator of the Year Award
The graduation rate has been as high as 92 percent, surpassing the State average and consistently maintaining exemplary levels
The 2013 salutatorian was a special needs student who fluently spoke five languages
The 2015 valedictorian also a special needs student

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