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Glen Park Academy Receives Books “For the Love of Reading”

     One of Glen Park Academy’s own teachers has been providing coats for students every year by organizing donations from friends, family, co-workers, and local businesses.  This year teacher, Brian Andreshak, was able to establish this as a non-profit organization called “School House Children’s Charity”.  This allows more freedom for businesses to donate that might not contribute unless it is done through a non profit organization. 

     Mr. Andreshak was able to give away more than 500 new coats to students at Glen Park Academy and several other local schools this year alone.  As a new project for his organization, he wanted to give away books to the students at his home school, so he purchased books and organized an event called “For the Love of Reading” where each class was able to come to the library and choose a new book of their choice.  He was careful to choose titles that students would enjoy, relate to, and even had several with a STEM theme since Glen Park Academy was just awarded a 5 year STEM Certification by the Indiana Department of Education. 

     It was truly a delight to see students excited about books and reading!  Mr. Andreshak’s parents were there to help students choose a good book along with the AFT President, and a retired GCSC kindergarten teacher, and the librarian.  Mr. Andreshak hopes to be able to expand his organization so he can provide this event to all GCSC schools in the future.



5002 Madison Street
Gary, IN 46408

J. Eric Worthington, Principal

Rebecca Sanders – Assistant Principal

Jennene Anthony-Smith – Assistant Principal

Dejuan Eskew, Dean