Williams Elementary Faculty

Photo of Mary Anne Aaron Mary Anne Aaron Teacher-Fifth Grade
Photo of Marisa Alexander Marisa Alexander Teacher-Fourth Grade
Photo of Judy Ball Judy Ball Intervention Specialist
Photo of Harold Beckwith Harold Beckwith Tse-Momh
Photo of Joann Black Joann Black Tse-Ld
Photo of Joy Marie Cheatham Joy Marie Cheatham Teacher-Fourth Grade
Photo of Barbara Coleman Barbara Coleman Instructional 1 To 1
Photo of Emma F. Davis Emma F. Davis Teacher-Second Grade
Photo of Wendy Karen Davis Wendy Karen Davis Instructional 1 To 1
Photo of Leslie M. Dillon Leslie M. Dillon Teacher-Physical Ed
Photo of Laverne Ellison Laverne Ellison Teacher-First Grade
Photo of Kathleen Foor Kathleen Foor Full Day Kndgrtn
Photo of Maria K. Gilles Maria K. Gilles Teacher-First Grade
Photo of Beverly Gleese Beverly Gleese Teacher-Second Grade
Photo of Antoine J Goffin Antoine J Goffin Resource Officer
Photo of Nolette P. Gordon Nolette P. Gordon Sub-Parent-Ass’t
Photo of Christopher R. Guzman Christopher R. Guzman Teacher-Art
Photo of Johnny M Henderson Johnny M Henderson Teacher-Fourth Grade
Photo of Shawn Hoover-Davis Shawn Hoover-Davis Teacher-Third Grade
Photo of Gay Zenn Johnson-Meredith Gay Zenn Johnson-Meredith Instructional 1 To 1
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