information technology

The Information Technology (IT) Department in our school district is like the digital brain of our schools, ensuring that every student and teacher has the tools and support they need for a top-notch educational experience. They keep our networks running smoothly, maintain devices, and make sure everyone can connect to the internet. Plus, they’re always on hand to fix any tech hiccups and teach us how to use the latest educational apps and software. But it’s not just about keeping things running; they’re also committed to making sure every student has equal access to technology, helping bridge the digital divide. With an eye on the future, our IT team is constantly exploring new tech to keep our learning exciting and preparing us for tomorrow’s world.

IT Help Desk Hours

M-F: 7am -4pm





I’m having issues with my computer or email, who do I contact?

Any problems with hardware or software used by the GCSC should be submitted through the IT Help Desk.

What is the availability of devices for students in the district?

We are a one-to-one technology device district meaning every student from Pre-K to 12th grade will have a device assigned to them. Many of the devices stay at school unless we have an e-learning day or the student is in a secondary school. 

My student broke or misplaced their device, how do I request a replacement?

We understand accidents happen. All replacement devices must be taken back to your school.

Students who have compromised multiple devices will be financially responsible and will be replaced at the discretion of the administration team.

Where do students and employees receive and return their devices?

Back to their assigned school. 

This includes online students as well.