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Dr Cheryl L Pruitt | Superintendent

Welcoming Everyone To The Table

Cheryl Pruitt

When I became Superintendent of the Gary Community School Corporation, I pledged to be open and accountable to every individual in the public school community.

Throughout the previous years, I’ve met so many families and providers, who have forwarded their suggestions to improve our public education system. A great number of people have taken advantage of the open forums and social media to propose systemic solutions that can prepare our children for higher education and more prosperous careers.

Together, we’ve managed a wide variety of issues, ranging from simple transportation routes to complex student needs. As a result, I’ve never been more hopeful that our efforts to tackle the greatest matter, attracting the best and brightest teachers, will be solved by our ability to develop innovative partnerships and resolutions.

As the primary face of education, teachers need our support more than ever. I recently read a nationwide report released earlier this month by the National School Supply and Equipment Association that supports a trend I’ve dealt with throughout the past decade: last year, half of the money spent on school supplies and materials was directly paid for by teachers in the public school system.

Combined with the economic hardships facing young adults generally, it showcases why teaching has become a less attractive profession at large. We need to support our teachers with new models, such as corporate partnerships that incentivize brighter, young people to join the teaching ranks with the proper resources to succeed.

Sure, funding is one of the biggest issues in public education in this era. It’s the everlasting elephant in the room, but money is not – and never will be – the sole solution. That fact is as true today as it was yesterday.

Look at the nation as a whole. We spend more than generally every other country on public education, and yet the country ranks 17th on Pearson’s Index of cognitive skills and educational attainment. Sometimes, gaps in funding are an opportunity for change.

Public education is not dead. We can’t afford to be wasteful anymore, but we can continue to foster better partnerships throughout the community to encourage our teachers with innovative solutions. Preparing them for their classrooms should be a joint effort by all stakeholders.

We must rely on corporate partnerships, digital platforms, and parental support, among a host of other collaborations.  That is why I am so proud and grateful to have the Gary Education Development Foundation.

The ways students learn are changing. The way we support our teachers needs to keep pace, if not outperform. They deserve more innovative and collaborative solutions, which we’re capable of providing to them.  The Gary Educational Development Foundation awarded nearly $20,000 in grants to teachers and $100,000 in scholarships to students.

Because of their stalwart commitment to the Gary Community Schools, the GEDF has shown itself as being a primary philanthropic organization we reach out to that fund enrichment grants to our teachers and scholarships to our students. They have embraced our charge to do what’s best for students today, tomorrow, everyday. With millions of dollars awarded in scholarships and grants, their history is a testament to their belief that education is key. As such, the Gary Community School Corporation is glad to have the GEDF at the table.

Dr. Cheryl L. Pruitt is Superintendent of the Gary Community School Corporation.

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