Project Outreach and Prevention (POP) On Youth Violence News Conference

 Save a Childs Life for Mother’s Day Gun Turn-In/Safe Storage Program

In Partnership with Gary Police Department, Gary Fire Department, Gary Public Schools, Lake County Juvenile Center, and the Department of Child Services


CHICAGO, IL – May 9, 2024 – Dr. Michael McGee, CEO and founder of Project Outreach and Prevention (POP) on Youth Violence will hold a News Conference Friday, May 10, 2024, from 2pm at Gary Police Station, 555 Polk Street, Gary IN 46402. Confirmed speakers include, State Prosecuting Attorney Bernard Carter, Gary Police Chief Derrick Cannon, Gary Fire Chief Larry Tillman II, Chief of Gary Public Schools Dr. Esther Goodes, Lake County Juvenile Senior Judge Thomas P. Stefaniak, Judge Inga Lewis-Shannon, and POP Board Member and National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executive (NOBLE) Kim Collins.


The conference will precede POP’s “Save a Childs Life for Mother’s Day” Gun turn-in and Gun lock giveaway, and a “Stop the Violence” Car Show on Saturday, May 11th spearheaded by POP in conjunction with the Gary Police Department, Gary Fire Department, Gary Public Schools, Lake County Juvenile Courts/Truancy Courts, and the Department of Child Services.

Dr. McGee, an accomplished and renowned ER physician, and the national chair of the National Medical Association’s Council on Violence Prevention felt it important to hold the news conference and events over this Mother’s Day weekend. “We wanted to bring all these groups together for Mother’s Day to protect our youth, while celebrating mothers, and embracing those that have lost children, not just from gun violence but from unsecured legal guns in the home.” Dr. McGee said.

POP has been at the forefront of youth violence prevention since their founding in 2014, having seen patients routinely admitted with penetrating missile injuries from bullets. As a result, Dr. McGee, and POP’s co-founder Dr. Reuben Rutland decided they would go the extra mile, considering the demands of their work, in creating the nonprofit organization. Over the last decade POP with their motto “not one more life, one more day!” have implemented several signature programs such as, Code Blue: Strengthening Relationships of Law Enforcement & Youth, S.A.V.E. (Students Against Violence Everywhere), HPEP (Health Profession Enrichment Program) and “Stop the Bleed” techniques and procedures.


Project Outreach and Prevention (POP) on Youth Violence [], a 501c3 not-for-profit organization was created to prevent and alleviate youth violence, while inspiring healthy lifestyles, positive behaviors, and accessible career opportunities. POP provides outreach services, educational seminars, as well as college and career readiness opportunities. Achieved by encouraging healthy lifestyle choices, and by joining with active community partners to create safe, fulfilling and academically enriching environments.