October 20, 2021
Banneker at Marquette rolls out it Student Safety Patrol Program
(Gary, IND) – As the Gary Community School Corporation continues to implement initiatives to cultivate safe environments at every building, Banneker at Marquette is doing its part. Recently, the school introduced its safety patrol program which us made up of fourteen 5th grade students. 
“Initially, we began with one student and then it grew as more students showed interest,” said Principal Chaitra Wade. “We are excited to introduce the concept of school safety with our students helping to lead the charge,”
The students who are a part of the Safety Patrol team were required to complete an application and submit a letter of recommendation from their teachers and another staff member in the building (custodial staff, security, FACE, cafeteria worker, etc.). Once the patrol officers were identified an initial meeting took place to introduce the safety patrol handbook by which they abide.
The group meets the last Wednesday of the month to reflect on accomplishments and brainstorm on how to implement more measures to keep the school safe.
“The safety patrol program has truly helped the students understand and embrace the idea that they too play an important role in what defines a safe school.” added Wade.
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