January 11, 2023



Gary Community School Corporation Enhances

West Side Leadership Academy Gymnasium with Bleacher Installation


(Gary, IND) – The Gary Community School Corporation (GCSC) recently enhanced its gymnasium at West Side Leadership Academy with the installation of new bleachers, which had not been replaced since the school opened in 1968.

“This milestone achievement is another example of our team’s commitment to improving the school environment, so our students thrive and have facilities they can be proud of,” said GCSC Manager Dr. Paige McNulty.

With the most recent enhancements, WSLA now boasts an impressive lineup of updated athletic amenities including a new track and turf football field, jumbotrons in both the football stadium and gymnasium at West Side Leadership Academy, a weight room makeover and many other projects.

“It was a huge undertaking but well worth it,” said Athletic Director Robert Lee of the bleacher installation. “Now more of the community can comfortably enjoy games and other events from any seat in the house.”

The new bleachers seat 6,700 spectators.

The final cosmetic touches will be done to the gym including the replacement of the gym doors and reconditioning the gym floors during the summer months.

In addition, the elementary schools will start their basketball season January 21, 2023 in the newly renovated gym at West Side Leadership Academy. For the full winter athletic season, visit