February 14, 2023




Gary Community School Corporation Places Greater Emphasis on Reading by introducing Book Vending Machines

(Gary, IND) – The reading experience in the Gary Schools just got more creative. The Gary Community School Corporation recently added a unique layer of literacy support through the implementation of Book Vending Machines. All ten school buildings, including the Gary Area Career Center, feature the colorful mechanisms which are in place to reward for scholars for exemplary accomplishments and to encourage reading. Books are available for each grade and are rewards for good attendance, positive behavior, improvement in academics and meeting other academic benchmarks.
“Book vending machines are a creative way to get our students more excited about literacy,” said Kimberley Bradley, Chief Academic Officer for the Gary Schools. “Reading is the foundation for all academic subject areas, so their success in literacy is critical.”
Starting last school year, the District extended the reading block in the school day and continues to partner with community organizations such as the Gary Literacy Coalition and the National Hook-up of Black Women that conduct reading activities with students and give out books for take home use.
In addition, schools have pathways to literacy including book clubs where scholars are reading to their peers.
“The reaction to the book vending machines has been exciting to see,” said GCSC Manager Dr. Paige McNulty. “I am for implementing creative and non-traditional techniques that spark the interest for learning.”
As the District continues to widen the focus on reading, the administration is in the process of placing mini-libraries in every classroom. For more information about the reading events and volunteers opportunities, visit