September 13, 2022

Gary Community School Corporation to Host STEM Night September 27

Theme “Spark” Your Interest in STEM invites engagement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics


(Gary, IND) – The Gary Community School Corporation will host STEM night Tuesday, September 27th from 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM at Glen Park Academy, 5002 Madison St., in Gary. The event is open to all families within the district and will feature demonstrations and workshops from local partners that focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 

This district is affording an opportunity for students and parents to learn more about the importance of STEM education and how it can be integrated into their educational journey. The goal is for the event to be unique and creative, so there will be hands-on learning, so attendees are sure to be engaged.

“Through exposure to events like this, children will develop an early interest in these critical areas of study in hopes of sparking a life-long curiosity that could lead to some pretty amazing career paths,” said Dr. Esther Goodes, Director of Elementary Education for the Gary Community School Corporation.

According to the National Science Foundation, jobs in science, technology, engineering or math – collectively known as “STEM occupations” — are growing at almost twice the rate of other jobs. In Indiana alone, there were nearly 240,000 workers employed in STEM occupations in 2016 up from 210,000 just five years earlier. 

“By middle school, our scholars have a choice between a focus in STEM or in the Arts, which are two distinct opportunities,” added Goodes. “We are expanding and promoting all of our programs so they can make sound, informed decisions about their future academic pathways.”

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