April 25, 2022 


Gary Schools Debut Unified Track Team 

Thanks to Referendum funds, Students from Special Populations Participate in Track & Field 

(Gary, IND) – The Gary Community School Corporation has added Unified Track to its Athletics Program. This amalgamated team includes students from special populations and regular general education students. The team participated in their first track meet Thursday, April 21 at Portage High School.  

“As we build and expand the athletics program, we knew it was important to be inclusive of all  students we serve in the district,” said Robert Lee, Athletic Director for the Gary Community School Corporation. “Our coaches Eric McGinness, Kandesse Armour, Bobby Sanders and Tamia Burnett have done a great job in putting this effort together for our students at West Side Leadership Academy. There were a lot of moving pieces, but our staff was relentless in making this a reality.” 

The unified team at West Side Leadership Academy currently has twelve student athletes and continues to expand as word gets out about the program. Unified Track and Field falls under the Unified Sports that is in collaboration with the schools, Special Olympics and the IHSAA (Indiana High School Athletic Association). Unified Sports also includes bowling and flag football, which the school district is looking to add as interest grows.  

“These are the type of programs that not only build sportsmanship and camaraderie, but brings the community closer” said Manager Dr. Paige McNulty. “This is one of the many programs we promised to bring to fruition when passing the referendum. We will continue to show the community that their investment in our schools is paying off.” 

For more information about the Unified Track initiative, contact the Athletics Department at (219)886-6400 ext. 28073 or visit