January 11, 2021
Dear  GCSC Families,
For families who selected a return to in-person instruction, I’m writing to share that our return date is being postponed due to the ongoing spread of COVID-19. 
Please know that this was a difficult decision to make. I truly believe that our children’s academic, social, and emotional needs are best met by attending school in person. However,  I’ve always been clear that health and safety are my number one priorities, and even with the many steps we have taken, COVID-19 is still spreading at a rate that makes it unwise to return to in-person learning at this time.
We are constantly evaluating the situation and monitoring when we might be able to safely return. Please continue to follow our social media accounts and check our website for information, and I will continue to stay in touch. 
Thank you for all you continue to do in support of your student during this especially challenging time. 
Dr. Paige McNulty
Manager, GCSC