Dear GCSC Families, 

Social-emotional learning (SEL) describes the mindsets, skills, attitudes, and feelings that help students succeed in school, career, and life. At its core, SEL focuses on students’ fundamental needs for motivation, social connectedness, and self-regulation as prerequisites for learning. 

The 21st Century skills that make up SEL are an important part of a well-rounded education. 

This fall, and again in the spring, your child will be completing a brief and anonymous social-emotional learning survey. The Social-Emotional Learning Survey is designed for students to reflect on their school environment and experiences to help educators learn more about how to better support students’ needs. Your child’s survey will take place during the school day.

We are also asking that you complete a survey about YOUR experiences with your child’s school.  Please check your email for an email from your child’s principal with the unique link and complete the survey by October 1. 

Again this is an anonymous survey. Please feel free to speak candidly about your experiences. Your feedback is GREATLY appreciated and NEEDED to make Gary CSC a better place for ALL.