“Today’s protest at WSLA was organized by a small group of community members seeking to express their concerns about facility updates. While we understand and recognize that they have the right to assemble, many of our students are in the process of taking the SAT, which is one of the most important days of their academic careers. It is unfortunate that organizers did not take this into consideration. This activity is not only disruptive but creates an unsafe environment by encouraging students to walk out of the building without formal dismissal.  


Further, the protesters are not fully informed of the tens of millions of dollars in upgrades being made at WSLA and all schools throughout the District. We continue to invite stakeholders to the table as we tackle challenges together. We all want what’s best for our students. As is customary, the District is transparent with sharing information and employs various communication channels to ensure that our school community is aware of our steady progress with facility upgrades. Facility improvement plans can be found on our website at Garyschools.org. ” – Dr. Paige McNulty, Manager GCSC