West Side Leadership Academy Students Awarded Over $316,500 in Scholarships

The Gary Community School Corporation (GCSC) is proud to announce that the students of West Side Leadership Academy have been awarded a combined total of over $316,500 in scholarships from the Urban League of Northwest Indiana Annual Scholarship Fair this past week. Eleven students so far have been offered a variety of awards, with the highest from Rayuen Anderson’s award from Harrison-Stowe College totaling out at $88,000.

GCSC is elated by these results and expects more offers to follow in the coming weeks.

Scholarship awards are as follows: 

Rayuen Anderson HARRISON-STOWE 88,000
Rayuen Anderson CLAFLIN 40,000
Antwan Jordan CLAFLIN 40,000
Runia Bond DELAWARE STATE 26,000
Terrance Schultz CLAFLIN 20,000
Lakeya Williams CLAFLIN 20,000
Ja’Kayla Lewis CLAFLIN 20,000
Ja’Kayla Lewis CLAFLIN 12,000
Isis Stiles CLAFLIN 12,000
Tiquiea Thomas CLAFLIN 12,000
ShiYanna Sheely LIVINGSTONE 12,000
Sade Norton LIVINGSTONE 12,000
Carmela Windman IVY TECH 2,500


The Urban League asks that any student not listed to please forward your information to the counseling team.



*Photos by Cooley’s Video