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Dear Parents,

In partnership with the Indiana Department of Health and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, we are making you aware of the opportunity for your child to receive a free COVID-19 vaccine at the mass vaccination clinic at Westside Leadership Academy at 900 Gerry Street.  This opportunity to receive the Pfizer vaccine is available to students age 16 and older, any teachers/staff of GCSC and parents of students.

Masks will be required at the vaccination site.  We will comply with personal distancing guidelines while on school premises. 

Please complete the consent form included with this information and return to school so that your child is able to receive their vaccination if you so choose.

The completed consent form will be taken to the vaccination site for review by health personnel prior to vaccination.  Insurance information is requested, but there is no charge to you for vaccination.  Insurance may be billed the administration fee for the vaccine.

Parents, if you haven’t received your COVID-19 vaccine yet, please go to and register for your vaccination if you so choose to receive one at Westside Leadership Academy. 

Thank you for helping to keep your student(s) and others safe during the pandemic.  Let’s all do what we can to stay healthy and promote good habits to our students.


Thank you for your consideration.



Dr. Paige McNulty

Consent for COVID vaccine