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Friday Bus Schedule Saturday Bus Schedule Dear Parents, In partnership with the Indiana Department of Health and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, we are making you aware of the opportunity for your child to receive a free COVID-19 vaccine at the mass vaccination clinic at 
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  Gary (January 30, 2021)—The Katie Hall Educational Foundation, Inc. is honored and proud to present its Merit of Distinction Award to Mr. Mark Spencer, Director of Fine Arts and the West Side Theater Guild, Gary Community School Corporation. Mr. Spencer will be presented this 
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MARCH 31, 2021     Gary Community School Corporation Announces Deficit Drops to Under $2 Million, from $22 Million in 2017 Financial improvements join enrollment increase as highlights of latest Path Forward progress report   (Gary, IND) – With continued support from 
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 20, 2020 Gary Community Schools Corporation Recognized for Continued Progress Recent gains lead state agency to drop reference to “Emergency”     (Gary, IND) – The Distressed Unit Appeal Board (DUAB) announced at its meeting today that it would drop the 
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Gary Community School Corporation Names Chief Academic Officer, Chief Financial Officer   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 28, 2020   (Gary, IND) – With the start of school steadfastly approaching, the Gary Community School Corporation is forging ahead with plans for a successful academic year. The 
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Gary Schools to Forge Ahead Virtually for the Remainder of the Academic Year     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 2, 2020   (Gary, IND) – Today, the announcement was made that Indiana schools would remain closed through the end of the academic year due to 
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To assist members in accessing care in light of COVID-19, UnitedHealthcare is providing its fully-insured small and large employer customers with a Special COVID-19 Enrollment Opportunity to enroll employees who previously did not to enroll in coverage. The opportunity will be limited to those employees who previously did 
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Gary Schools Commits to Roosevelt Students as EdisonLearning announces Departure FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 1, 2020 (Gary, IND) – The Gary Community School Corporation received notice that effective at the end of the school year, EdisonLearning will end its partnership as joint overseer of Theodore 
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The state of Indiana extends School Closure to May 1, 2020 Emergency Manager Dr. Paige McNulty thanks school community for patience “Today, school districts across the state of Indiana were informed that schools will remain closed until May 1, 2020. While we recognize that this 
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