State of Indiana extends School Closure to May 1, 2020

The state of Indiana extends School Closure to May 1, 2020

Emergency Manager Dr. Paige McNulty thanks school community for patience

“Today, school districts across the state of Indiana were informed that schools will remain closed until May 1, 2020. While we recognize that this is a considerable amount of time to be physically out of school, these measures are being taken to protect everyone from the aggressive spread of the Coronavirus.

As we continue to navigate a never before seen pandemic, we thank our entire school community for your patience and cooperation. At this time, we will continue with weekly food distribution, and it is the expectation that all school assignment packets be completed by students.

We ask that you stay informed by periodically checking the District’s website (www.garycsc.k12.in.us) and following our social media channels which include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We will also send emails, make robocalls and share regular updates with the media to ensure that important information gets circulated in a timely manner.

Know that our thoughts are with you and your families, and that our team is working daily to adapt to what we have found to be our new normal. Thanks again for your continued patience, and please take every precaution to stay safe.”

– Dr. Paige McNulty, Emergency Manager, Gary Community School Corporation

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